Misleading or inaccurate content has the potential to cause lasting damage to your Company profile. Newspaper articles, unfair posts on forums can all spread rapidly unless dealt with promptly. Online reputation management must be taken very seriously, as the damage incurred from a negative web reputation is very difficult to overcome. For example, when a potential customer searches a company’s name and sees the negative results on Google, they are much more likely to take their business elsewhere, and you have lost a valuable client.

Our techniques to fix online reputation problems.

Removing the bad, adding the good. Never worry about your reputation online again.

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    Directly remove at the source when possible

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    Make negative content unreadable by search engines like Google

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    Completely remove search results from Google

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    Push negative content off the first page of search results

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    Create better positive links

What is the next step if your company currently has a bad web reputation, has been described unfairly in the press, or on a forum.

Many companies first reaction is to request removal of content directly. However, removing content from external sites is notoriously problematic. Attempts to censor content can draw more attention to the information

When it comes to removing search results, many often turn to the Right to be forgotten. While it is possible to file a removal request under this European ruling, this approach takes a lengthy time and has a very low success rate. Since its launch in 2014, Google have only accepted around 40% of requests.